• How Mask Machine Works?
    How Mask Machine Works?
    • 2020-01-14

    This month, our company introduced a mask machine based on market demand. As a company specializing in the production of sanitary products, we are confident and capable of doing well in the production of Face Mask. As seen in the picture, the mask machine is producing masks in an orderly manner. I seem to see customers wearing masks happily. Communicate with us.

  • The Importance Of Clean Mask Packaging Room
    The Importance Of Clean Mask Packaging Room
    • 2020-02-28

    A clean and tidy packaging workshop for sanitary napkins, diapers, and masks can make customers pay more attention to our company. There are many traders who only take goods from the factory, but they do n’t know the specific production process, the cleanliness of the workshop, or even the health of the processing staff. There is no way to confirm. The standard of cleanliness is very high. Hope th...

  • The Right Way To Wear A Mask
    The Right Way To Wear A Mask
    • 2020-02-03

    If the mask is not worn as required, the virus can enter at any time. At present, disposable medical surgical masks, N95, KN90 are commonly available on the market. Before wearing disposable medical surgery, the front and back of the mask should be distinguished. The light color is the inside, and the dark one is the outside. Press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose tightly w...

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